Today in Ghana, I…

-was ushered in and out of sleep by the flock of chickens that live in our yard and always sound like they’re being murdered
-spent an hour interviewing a farmer named Jonas in his village, and contemplated befriending the village cat before remembering that in Ghana, the Ewe people eat cats (Jonas is Ewe)
-learned that the Ministry of Food and Agriculture has named one of its improved sweet pepper seed varieties toto, which apparently means vagina in Ga (a Ghanaian language, though not one spoken by the majority of Ghanaians)
-drove past By His Grace Electronics and Refrigeration Services on the way to interview farmers, and past Christ is the Answer Fashion Center and Undertaker while coming home
-rolled down my car window and was immediately rewarded by two children in school uniforms yelling Obruni! (white person) so in sync with each other that it felt like they’d been practicing
-realized that my entire Ghanaian vocabulary consists of “Do you speak English?”, “I don’t speak Twi” and “Thank you” in Twi, “vagina” in Ga and not a single word of Ewe, Krobo, Fante, Dakbani or any of the other languages that my Burro coworkers all seem to know at least three of
-(mostly) got over my completely non-exotic cold that I came down with last week

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