Best Ghanaian business names

I’m heading home in three days, and there are a bunch of things I’m going to miss about Ghana. Perhaps one of the coolest unique features of Ghana is the incredibly creative names people give their businesses. So here, without further ado, is my unabridged list of the best Ghanaian business names I’ve seen in the last month.
Jesus Never Fails/Joe’s Heaven Open Saving Centre
Everything by God
Remember Your Creator Fashion
Jesus King of Kings Ltd.
Our Lord is a Consuming Fire
I Shall Not Die Motors
Soulmate Center Vocational Training Institute
Hilarious Services Passport Photos & Secretarial Services
Touch Not My Anointing
Victoria’s Secret Sewing Center
In His Own Time Cosmetics
In Him We Move
Thank You Jesus Spare Parts
The Lord is My Shepard Saw Sharpening Centre
Sow in Tears, Reap in Joy Welding & Fitting
Showers of Blessings Ent.
God’s Time is the Best (I’ve seen at least ten of these)
Power in the Blood of Jesus Prayer Ministry
By His Grace Barbering Shop
God’s Will Enterprises: Dealers in Quality Tires and Other Goods
Cheap Store
Shalom God is My Will Beauty Salon
This is By the Grace of My Lord
My Redeemer Lives Cold Store
Financed by Unicorn Happy Investments ( a sign at a rural bank)
Amen Amen Shopping Center
Jesus Promotion Ventures
Jah Bless Computer Services
Yours is Yours Electrical Enterprises
Take Side With Jehovah
Sons of God Enterprises
Porsche Daddy
Mente Twi (meaning “I don’t speak Twi”, which is the lingua franca in much of Ghana)
By His Grace Electronics and Refrigeration Services
Casino Night Club (this was a small wooden shack which presumably served alcohol or food)
Christ is the Answer Fashion Center and Undertaker

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