Welcome to my new and improved website!

Hi everyone! You’re looking at the brand spankin’ new rachelwalexander.com. I decided it was time to get a site with a bit more functionality that would allow me to create pages and brag about my journalistic experience while keeping a blog on the side. After a couple of weeks playing around in WordPress, I finally felt that this guy was ready to be unveiled, and after a totally unproductive phone call with GoDaddy’s obnoxious support staff, I have now redirected my WordPress domain to here and unlinked my Blogger account.

What this means for you, dear readers, is very little. Any bookmarks you have of my posts and such should remain the same, and all of them have been transferred to WordPress with comments intact. I still need to go back through my old posts and delete some extraneous code that got added in, but aside from some wonky paragraph breaks, everything is more or less the same. I also need to double-check that my internal links are functioning properly.

You might have noticed my new Pages menu to the left. Here, I have static content I can update, including a portfolio of my best journalism and an about me page. I hope to someday get a photography portfolio up there, as well as my resume.

There’s also a Categories menu on the left, which allows you to just look at specific posts. Right now, I’ve done life (personal stuff), Ecuador, Semester in the West and news commentary/reporting, which I’m still working on categorizing.

My ability to customize the template I’m working with is somewhat limited right now. I may make minor changes in the near future, and I’m considering buying some more options which allow me to play with CSS, upload more content and make a few other changes.

If you’re hungry for my old BRIGHT GREEN AND VEGETABLES OMG layout, you can still see the old blog here, though I won’t be updating it any more.