Between the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, occasional freelance gigs and my college paper, the Whitman Pioneer, I’ve done a lot of reporting. You can view all of my Union-Bulletin articles here and all of my Pioneer articles here. Below are some of my favorites.


Dayton painter has a Magic touch (Feb. 22, 2014). A profile of Chris Rahn, a Dayton, Wash. artist who illustrates cards for Magic: The Gathering.

Planners hold fire on gun club expansion bid (Dec. 20, 2013). How an obscure Oregon law about gun ranges might impact a popular club with over 800 members.

Straw pulp plant, and 130 jobs, in the works for Starbuck” (Dec. 19, 2013). Explaining how the world’s first large-scale plant making pulp from straw will impact Columbia County, population 4,000.

Weston: A town in turmoil” (Sept. 8, 2013). A feature on the 700 person town of Weston, Ore., where Oregon’s liberal laws governing recalls of elected officials have helped the town vote in seven recall elections over the past 15 years.

Leaving the fields: immigration police takes a toll at harvest time (July 14, 2013). Local farmers explain how the problems with U.S. immigration policy hurt their ability to find workers.

Transgender couple seeks acceptance” (April 20, 2013). A profile of a trans couple explaining the challenges they face being out in a small, conservative town.

Whitman College Pioneer

“Victims find sexual misconduct process ineffective” (March 2012). Part one won a 2012 award from the Associated Collegiate Press for Best Feature (2nd Place) and looks at the failures of campus resources in supporting survivors who choose to go to the police. Part two examines the complexity of consent where alcohol is involved. Our reporting prompted changes from the administration in their handling of sexual assault reports.

“Institutional challenges hinder equal faculty pay” (May 9, 2012). Exploring the pay gap between male and female professors at Whitman.

“Adjunct music instructors work long hours for low pay, uncertain benefits” (March 11, 2012). A look into the 50 hour workweeks and $20,000 per year salaries of Whitman’s adjunct music instructors.

“Undocumented students face difficulties paying for college” (February 24, 2011). The paths Whitman’s undocumented students took to Walla Walla, and the challenges they face in attending college.

Other work

“Preventing sexual assault on campus,” The Nation (September 18, 2012). A column for the Student Nation blog arguing that campus rape prevention programs need to go beyond soundbites about consent and actually talk to students about sex.

“Mexicans wait in limbo after failed border crossings,” Seattle Globalist (August 27, 2012). The stories of Mexicans who get caught trying to cross the border and end up in Agua Prieta, Sonora with few options.


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